ZSL 2016 Yao Ding


One of the most famous tea villages from Yiwu is Ding Jia Zhai. There are many families that grow tea in this area from different ethnic backgrounds. The areas where the Yao minority grow their tea in Dingjiazhai are often referred to as Yaoding.

This is a Spring tea made from ancient tea trees (Gushu). This tea was stored 6 years in hot and humid Xishuangbanna. The hot and humid weather really benefited this tea. This is a sweet, creamy with wood, pumpkin and cherry notes. Really impressive mouthfeel. It’s also a strong tea with strong Qi. We would recommend this tea for those that like aged puerh. Although it’s only from 2016 the Xishuangbanna storage has really aged this tea. If you like aged tea this is an excellent choice.


Below you can find a documentary in which Mr. Zheng from Zheng Si Long is featured.

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20g, 400g