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Our story

Tea Encounter is a website specializing in tea founded in 2018 by Yuan and Tiago. We both have a deep passion towards the Chinese arts. Yuan plays the Chinese musical instrument Guzheng and has experience in performing in tea events. She also enjoys calligraphy. You will find her calligraphy on tea encounter’s wrappers. Tiago’s favourite hobby has been visiting and spending time in tea mountains. We visit China regularly and are fortunate to have strong connections in several tea mountains and villages in Yiwu and the 6 famous tea mountains of Yunnan. We decided to source teas that we wanted to have access ourselves to and share them with the world. We have two websites. One in England and one in based in Yunnan, China both with worldwide delivery.

About Zheng Si Long

Some years ago an amazing documentary was published about a tea producer in Yunnan focusing in Yiwu tea. We were so impressed by it that we decided to offer their teas.