TE 2021 Guafengzhai Gushu


There are 3 main tea growing regions in Guafengzhai. Baishahe, Chawangshu and Chaping. This tea comes from Chaping, literally Tea Field, a very remote area in Guafengzhai that lies within the Yiwu Gouyoulin area, a pristine area where the very best Yiwu teas grow. Not all Guafengzhai teas grow in the Gouyoulin area but Chaping teas do.

This tea is creamy, with some pine nuts and almost peach like aftertaste as well as flower notes, strong and complex. The soup is sweet and silky. The forest flavour and Qi is present.

This is a first early spring harvest from ancient tea trees coming from Chaping, Guafengzhai.

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200g, 20g