Tea Encounter 2021 Chawangshu


A tea to drink during the day. Dream about it during the night. It’s that special. 

Chawangshu, a small grove that has the most sought over leaves in Yiwu, is known for its sweetness, for being silky and smooth with a pleasant aftertaste. This tea is made from small trees growing in this place. Its Gushu (old trees teas) version is one of the most expensive teas in Yunnan and the most expensive tea in Yiwu.  This tea produces a golden licor full of sweentness, banana flavours and amazing mouthfeel,

This is the second flush from 2021 from Chawangshu Spring xiaoshu trees. 

Farmers in Chawangshu do not recommend a very heavy humid storage with this tea. We think they’re right. This tea is lovely as it is. We recommend you to dry store it.