Tea Encounter 2020 Chawangshu Autumn


From the same farmer that supplied us this tea’s spring version we now have the Autumn one. We purchased the whole production.  4 kilos in total. Due to the small amount we kept the yellow flakes (huang pian) and adjusted the price accordingly. The result is a really tasty tea. The mouthfeel is amazing, mellow and sweet with almost caramel notes but not quite. Pleasant aftertaste. A tea that can both be aged and drank now. 

This tea is a xiaoshu production from tea trees planted in early 2000’s in the prestigious Chawangshu area of Guafengzhai.

Note: The date on the back of cake wrapper reads March which was a factory’s mistake. This is an Autumn production, not Spring. 

Cake is now sold out. Samples available.