TE 2023 Duoyishu


Duoyishu is a tea area close to Bohetang and is one of the most expensive Yiwu teas available. The Gushu version can easily retail above 500USD for a 200g cake. We managed to source a very limited amount this year (3 kilos) of small trees of Duoyishu. It wasn’t a tea easy to come by with and we are not sure if we will be able to offer it again in the near future.

As for the tea profile, this is an ultra elegant tea, creamy, complex with a lovely energy and peachy aftertaste. It is a quite unique experience in our opinion and a wonderful opportunity to the experience the precious forest tea of Duoyishu.

We only have a few more cakes left so we are restricting this tea to 1 per order. We hope you can understand.

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200g, 20g