TE 2022 Chawangshu late nectar


Chawangshu, a small grove that has the most sought over leaves in Yiwu, is known for its sweetness, for being silky and smooth with a pleasant aftertaste. This tea is made from small trees growing in this place. Its Gushu (old trees teas) version is one of the most expensive teas in Yunnan and as well the most famous tea in Yiwu. This tea offers a classic strong and unique deep Yiwu profile with lovely banana flavours and amazing mouthfeel. Chawangshu teas are interesting. The flavour accumulates throughout the session and becomes really strong and concentrated half way through it.

We are offering this year both an early and late harvest because we adore this tea. This is the late spring version. It comes from a farmer that we’ve been working with for many years in our favourite village in Yiwu. As for differences between the early spring and late spring harvest, the late version upper notes are quite strong and in the early spring harvest the strong Yiwu profile base is stronger. That said, both will display the typical Chawangshu profile and both are delicious.

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