2024 TE Yiwu Fei Cui


When selecting teas to source this year, we contacted a South Yiwu farmer that we knew to ask for his 2024 teas’ samples. He included an Yiwu sample labelled as Secret tea. We insisted in knowing where exactly the tea was from, but all we were told was that it came from a recently discovered Yiwu tea field. We don’t usually buy teas without knowing their exact growing locations. However, for this tea we had to make an exception. It’s just too special. As for the tea profile, it has an amazing texture, really intense Yiwu flavours with roasted pineapple, banana and yogurt notes. This tea has dept and really full bodied with a lovely aftertaste. We named it Fei Cui, a special grade of Jade considered to be amongst the most special in China.


This is a 2024 Ancient tree (Gushu) tea from Yiwu.

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