2015 Xin Le Tang


The Beijing Maliandao is an endless tea market. It is so big that it would be easy to spend a full month there, vising as many tea shops as one could, yet having just visited a tiny fraction of this market. If you ever visit Beijing we very much recommend that you have a go. One of the teas that we sourced from this market is the quite rightly impressive 2015 Duoyizhai. We have now sourced another special tea. The 2015 Xin Le Tang. It comes form a producer in Lincang. After trying it, we couldn’t resist offering it. The tea provides a lovely mouthfeel with already really nice age aromas. Chocolate, creamy, leather, peach and persimmon and flowers aftertaste. It is also quite strong and has amazing ageing potential.

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20g, 357g