It is not only delightful moments that tea offer us, but also amazing memories

We remember trying a Wangong tea for the very first time. A thought came to us: this was the best tea we had ever tried. That tea is very much still in our memory. It had a sweet unbelievable caramel flower creamy profile. It was such a treat that it brings all those tastes back to our memory by just thinking about it.

Best teas usually come from older trees. What’s interesting is that in some specific areas small trees can offer wonderful teas too. The Yiwu Guoyoulin (estate protected forest) ones tend to be exceptional. We are of the opinion that these are magical places where tea trees are impacted with their unique forest energy.

We wanted to talk about our Wangong as it fits into this profile very much and so does our Chawangshu. We find both absolute treats. Whilst Wangong is a treat from beginning to end displaying the caramel flower profile that we mentioned before, the Chawangshu acts differently: its flavours accumulate, come forward and showcase an unbelievable huigan (aftertaste) all of a sudden after a few steps.

It is more important where the tea grows than how old the tree is. We have mentioned this before so we might sound repetitive stressing this again. Nevertheless, we do think this is the case and in that respect Yiwu Guoyoulin teas are the best.